Artra Showflat Layout and Types

The Artra Alexandra is the name of an upcoming condominium launch by the Tang Group, a well-established multinational company. It is one of the latest additions to the number of residential spaces at Redhill, with many analysts estimating the number of units under construction to be approximately 400, all spread over a complex which rises to about 43 stories tall. The overall size of the land is around 90000 sq. ft. and initial bids on the plot were rapid and aggressive, showing that many developers were optimistic about the current state of the property market. The average price for the land, which is a highly valued due to its location at the centre of many convenient facilities, was around $842 per sq. ft.

Artra Showflat and VVIP Preview

The Tang Group is well known for their bids on strategic pieces of land, and the location of the Artra Alexandra is a prime example of this. Built right next to the Redhill MRT, the Artra provides complete ease of access for its residents. Being in the heavily urbanized area of Redhill means that many shops and restaurants are easily within walking distance. And in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied by the range of options in your immediate area, there are also many other options just a short drive away from the Artra Alexandra, including the Valley Point Shopping Centre and the Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Artra Tang Group of Companies

Necessities like medical facilities are also within a short walking distance. The VVIP showflat types is not known at this point of time. The Alexandra Hospital and the Singapore General Hospital are two of the notable hospitals which are only a short distance from the Alexandra. The Artra Alexandra will have full state-of-the-art condominium facilities, featuring a swimming pool as well as an indoor gym and a tennis court for those fussy about their health and fitness, all built in optimal locations to save travel time. And this is just a few of the luxurious accommodations planned for the residents, so it’s unlikely that the residents will find any shortage of entertainment.

Artra Showflat Layout and Types

There are also plenty of thought given to guests of residents, with a variety of meeting areas provided for occupants to socialize with their visitors. But the Alexandra isn’t just built purely for living space. Approximately 21,500 sq. ft. of the land is apportioned as commercial space, and hence there is also a wide range of shops and restaurants planned especially for the first floor. This includes a supermarket which is estimated to take up at least 10,000 sq. ft. of development.

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