RV Millenia Roxy Pacific Holdings Singapore

Roxy-Pacific Holdings announced its name, which is a new addition to Singapore’s growing residential real estate in 2017. A full residence for RV Millenia Roxy on the Valley of the Valley was purchased for 110 million dollars. This new start-up in the form of a valley of the river valley will be 18 floors and a height of more than 100 projects of housing units, which is expected to create a new RV Millenia. The value of the land plot is 2.8 and the extension is a total area of 28,798 square feet (ft), the price was set at 1,582 pounds. There is also an additional amount of $ 17.6 million. For development expenditure.

RV Millenia Roxy Pacific Holdings Singapore

Roxy-Pacific Holding also signed many successful companies outside of Singapore. The first luxury boutique hotel in Kyoto which is called Noku Roxy and another boutique hotel is known as Osaka in Japan. The Maldives and other destinations for the occurrence of hotels in Phuket, Thailand. Roxy-Pacific Holding will give RV Millenia a one-year show and excellent quality in this project!
Smart investors are always looking for strategic settlements near schools, shopping centres and transportation services to attract more families. Studies have shown that a larger percentage of families choose their homes according to the arrows that their children refer to. Substructure in the community, such as schools, hospitals and businesses, is one of the most important positions for families.
For families with children who go to school, RV offers you the comfort that you deserve in schools such as Millenia
• Primary school of the Valley,
• Zhangde Elementary School,
• Gan Eng Seng Elementary School is 1.5 km away from the centre hall.
Other nearby schools include the Anglo-Chinese School (junior), art school, Chatsworth International School, Singapore Paterson International School (Primary and Intermediate) and ACT 3 International.

Schools Nearby Roxy Pacific Holdings

Not only that, many kindergartens and kindergartens are nearby. The proximity of these first-class schools makes RV Millenia Apartments an ideal place for a family holiday.
Shops and other stores close to the shopping centre also provide additional benefits for business growth. Happy future residents are not obliged to confront the lack of any problems or leisure activities because RV Millenia is home to many shopping centres in the area.
If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a good cup of coffee, be sure to visit Kith Café and Toby’s Estate. Enjoy a cup of coffee brought together with world famous barges with a beautiful view of the Singapore River.

Subway Station Near to Roxy Pacific Holdings

No car? Do not worry. The proximity to RV Millenia’s right interchange on the Great World municipal subway station on the junction of Leonie Hill Road and River Valley Road is another great attraction for future residents of this property, even if residents do not have to worry about transportation. The MRT Orchard station, the Somerset metro and the underground Tiong Bahru station are just one kilometre from RV Millenia. These MTR stations will take you to Singapore easily!
Whether you are having an evening with your friends or having fun with your family, River Valley offers a lot of things to do. Where else can you find art galleries, bars, bistros and fantastic restaurants? It’s not just that, but it’s ideal for calming families. Due to its proximity to schools, shopping centres, entertainment and transportation services all around the world, easy access, RV Millenia will undoubtedly be a remarkable success.
What are you waiting for? Be sure to build up your ownership in RV Millenia so the family can enjoy the best possibilities.

Residents Around The Geylang Area

The urban redevelopment authority has planned the rezoning of some of the parts of Geylang. The URA has a proposal that the landscape that has not been occupied yet to be used for commercial activities. This means that there is no new residential property that will be approved. The estimated property that will be used for rezoning is around 14 hectares. And the plot ratio expected is around 2.8. The regions that will be taken over are, along the Geylang road, the Guillemard road, Lorong 4 and Lorong 22 Geylang. Together with the shopping and other commercial properties.

Activities in the Geylang Area

The reason for this proposal by the urban redevelopment authority is due to the consistent complains by the residents of Geylang. As the number of commercial activities increases, the grievances by the inhabitants keep increasing. Geylang is a red-light zone. According to the inhabitants, due to this reason, there has been a disturbance, bad traffic and also a lot of noise in the area. The urban redevelopment authority hence has taken this into consideration and proposed that the only solution to balance the commercial investors and the residents is to rezone some of the parts of Geylang from residential institutions to commercial institutions.

Residents Around the Geylang Area

The existing residents have nothing to worry about. They are not being affected in any way by this idea of rezoning. After the proposal has been agreed upon, there will be no more approval of any residential property. And as for the existing residents, if need be of the redevelopment of the residential property, it will not also be approved, not unless you replace the residential property with a commercial property or institution.

The question is what is there for the residents as well as the businesses and also for interested investors in Geylang.
• The new residential projects that had been approved and started to be built, will go ahead.
• The ongoing conflicts that have been there will be better managed and also according to the proposed rezoning, there will be a prevention of a spill over.
• The proposed urban redevelopment authority plan will help boost the value of lands. This is important for any investor in Geylang and other upcoming investors.
• With time, the properties will rise in value hence becoming more profitable.
• The developers can take the opportunity of redeveloping the old and small residential properties to commercial properties as this will bring them more income as the values rise.
• With time Geylang will be a perfect place for small market enterprises (SME’S). With the help of the government, it will help in their rapid growth.
• As Geylang continue growing economically, the government will intervene and give the small market enterprises access to the CBD and other business areas at a very affordable rent.
• With time, there will be a rise in incomes in the area as the value of the property rises and the commercial activities.
• Due to the improved development in the area, the cost of living in Geylang will be affordable and of a standard. This will apply to in the case of the businesses.
• Finally, the prices and the rent rates will go down as the area will be developed and bringing in a lot of income.
setbacks of rezoning.

Investors in the Geylang Area

Due to the selected area is not as large, investors who will want to expand their commercial activities may be limited due to limited space in the area. But there is a neighboring area, for instance, the upper sides of Lorong where they can create other branches and still prosper.
There are different people that reside in Geylang. Different business owners, hence this place will be promising to grow positively among the inhabitants as well as the investors. It is only a 10 minutes drive to the CBD. Majority of the inhabitants and the investors were pleased by this proposal. Geylang is more promising with more commercial activities than the residential.

Riverfront Residences Former Rio Casa Enbloc Hougang

Riverfront Residences, Hougang Avenue 7 is a new development that was made possible because of the success of Oxley-Lian Beng Venture. Riverfront Residences Former Rio Casa Enbloc received high regards from interested developers because of its location and positive attributes. This particular property is near Hougang MRT station which is a plus factor most especially for those who do not have private vehicles. The plans for the said Riverfront Residences Condo, Hougang Avenue 7 condominium are currently underway. It features a majestic waterfront with greenery views of Sungei Serangoon. The unique position of the condominiums allows it to have a direct view of the riverfront, approximately 200m frontage. It also has a close proximity to the Hougang Mall and Hougang Transportation Hub.

Riverfront Residences Hougang Avenue 7 Oxley Lian Beng Venture

Riverfront Residences Hougang Avenue 7 condominium has many things to offer. The condominium will include lots of facilities and amenities, including a clubhouse, guard house, indoor gym, function room, sun deck, tennis court, children’s playground, and barbecue pits. These facilities will surely provide convenience and fun to every family. Traveling to the different parts of the city is a breeze since it is very close to Hougang MRT station. It is also accessible to any mode of transportation. As many of us know, taking the MRT is the fastest way to travel in Singapore. For car owners, driving around the city is a privilege. Stoll around Orchard area is very convenient.

Riverfront Residences Oxley Condo Former Rio Casa Enbloc

Going to the grocery or shopping center from Riverfront Residences Enbloc Rio Casa is not a problem since it is near shopping malls and retail outlets. The shopping malls are a walking distance away and you will have a great time looking at the beautiful scenery while you are taking a walk. The condominium property is near Holy Innocent’s High School which is one of the prominent Catholic schools in Singapore. It is also close proximity to CHIJ Our Lady of The Nativity which is an all girl’s school that provides a well-rounded education to students. You can enrol your kids in whatever school you prefer and it is guaranteed that they will have a good education.

Riverfront Residences Rio Casa Oxley Lian Beng Venture

Hougang Town is a sought-after location by many The Hougang Town which where Riverfront Residences Hougang is situated is a highly sought-after location because it is basically near everything that is essential to have a comfortable living. The Hougang Town is located in Geylang Residences and Seletar Aerospace. This neighbourhood has always been self-sufficient because of the abundance of malls, sports centers, and retail outlets.

The neighbourhood is orderly and you will have peace of mind that your family will be safe at all times. The surroundings are well maintained since cleanliness is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to residential areas. Having a place that you can call your home brings a sense of pride and fulfilment.

The condominium units have different layouts that prospected clients can choose from. Choose a layout that will suit your preference and needs. An estimate of 1,400 units is expected to be built on this plot of land. It is really impressive and it has great potential to be your new place of residence. Transferring to a new home seem to be a huge task for many people but with Riverfront Residences River View, you will automatically feel at home.

Jui Residences National Aerated Water Company Condo

This is a freehold development which is found at Serangoon road. It’s owned by the Malaysian developer. It’s a former Water Company which was famous for manufacturing and distributing sodas such as Sinalco and Kickapoo. It’s a two-storey building. Following ceasing it’s operation the early 1990s and remains idle, Malaysian developer paid the requested amount for the land so that he can develop the land.

Jui Residences is rich in unique facilities which include swimming pool, indoor gym among other top-class facilities which makes you feel comfortable when living at Jui Residences. It’s located near Potong Pasir MRT station. Offers unblock view of River Kallang. There are so many eateries, shopping centers which surround Jui Residences, therefore, offering Jui Residences residents conveniences.

Jui Residences National Aerated Water Company

Are you worrying about learning institution around Jui Residences National Aerated Water Company? The residence is surrounded by the top rated schools in performance. This will make your children acquire quality education. These schools include;

St Andrew’s Junior College Potong Pasir. Saint Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) is a college in Singapore which was founded by the Anglican Church Diocese of Singapore in 1862. The college offers education in both primary, secondary and pre-university courses. It performs better in Cambridge GCE Advanced Level Exams. It’s a member of St. Andrew’s Family of Anglican mission schools. The school doesn’t only involve only in academic activities but also involve the student in morning prayers and scriptures every day for student to grow spiritually.

Apart from academic achievements, the school also performs best in co-curricular activities. The school also support various clubs and many other cultural activities.
st. Andrew’s Junior College is a center of academic excellence and spiritual enrichment.

Cedar Girl’s Secondary School. It’s an all girl’s school located in Singapore and was founded in 1957. It’s one of the best schools in Singapore currently. Their key focus is quality education with aim of making the student achieve prosperous future. The school has a good academic track record with an average of 1400 students. Also, they involve themselves in sports where they have good performances. The learning environment is very friendly which motivates students to work hard.

Major Shopping Centers Near 1177 Serangoon Road Jui Residences

Jui Residences is surrounded by major shopping centers as well as eateries. These centers include Future Poiz Center and The Venue Shoppers among others which act as a one-stop shopping experience. It’s also ideal for the residents willing to meet over the weekend with their friends. A lot of entertainment and many other urban activities are found at these shopping centers which are just a few minutes walk from Jui Residences.

Major Expressways
Jui Residences location is very convenient to car owners. The development land is located near the Central Expressway as well as the (PIE) Pan Island Expressway. This eases traveling to changi airports, Orchard, woodlands among others. Jui Residences gives you a serene city lifestyle since it’s stuck on a quiet side of Moonstone and Serangoon.

Jui Residences Selangor Dredging Berhad

Jui Residences offers its residents chances to own a prime city fridge freehold development which is found just near to Potong Pasir. Most new launches are leasehold development, and they go on becoming cheap as leases grow old and get close to expiring.

For those investors looking for enbloc of properties, they have good chances here since freehold development is highly sought due to the profit aligned with it.

There is a fabulous lifestyle that awaits you at the Potong Pasir. Join other residents at Jui Residences to experience all the great things found in this residence.