How The New Tengah Master Plan Will Benefit Tengah EC Residents

The New Tengah Master Plan has a number of positive features for residents and the community. It includes Green infrastructure, farm-to-table restaurants, a car-free town centre, and close proximity to MRT stations. The site plan also aims to enhance the natural environment in the community by incorporating Biophilic Town Framework. These nature-centric neighbourhoods provide residents with improved wellbeing and quality of life.

The new Tengah master plan will make use of green infrastructure to create a new town that is sustainable and walkable. It will have a central park with a public amphitheatre, a car-free town centre, and community farms. There will also be dedicated cycling and walking paths. A public exhibition of the proposed town is ongoing at the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh until Sept 25. It is open from 9am to 8pm, and is attracting curious visitors from all walks of life.

The new town centre will feature car-free zones and a 100-metre-wide forest corridor, making it the first car-free town centre in Singapore. In addition to this, the new town centre will have a dedicated bicycle and walking path network, making it an environmentally-friendly and walkable town centre.

The Tengah town center will have intelligent features that accommodate future technological advances and digital infrastructures. These features will improve the quality of life of residents and contribute to a healthier environment. The development will also incorporate natural ventilation and a sports hub to promote an active lifestyle.

A forest corridor between the town centre and the green belts will provide a natural crossing point for animals. A study found that Tengah’s secondary forests are an important corridor for nine threatened bird species, including the red-wattled lapwing and the changeable hawk eagle. It is crucial to integrate buildings with the natural forest, rather than impose on it.

Another major feature of the new town centre is the use of smart technologies and natural ventilation. It will also feature a 70-metre-long farmway, community gardens, and energy-saving systems. The whole project is expected to take about 20 years to complete.

The development of farm-to-table restaurants is one of the many green initiatives in the area. The town has several recycling bins that residents can use to dispose of garbage. Additionally, the town promotes the use of green products in its local stores. There are also vendors selling organic milk and food products.

The concept of farm-to-table restaurants focuses on self-reliance. By purchasing ingredients directly from the farms, restaurants can ensure the quality of their food while also supporting the local economy. As a result, farmers earn more profits for their produce, which is beneficial for both parties. In addition to benefiting the community, a farm-to-table restaurant helps build relationships with local farmers and their products.

As the area is located near the Pan Island Expressway and the Kranji and Bukit Timah expressways, residents will be able to commute quickly and conveniently to other areas of Singapore. The area will also feature a separated pedestrian street from the roadway, which will encourage cycling and walking.

Tengah EC will also be home to a new residential tower, which will sit amidst lush greenery. It will also feature walking trails and electric vehicle charging stations. These dual uses will promote a green lifestyle and make it a desirable place for renters.

As Singapore’s first smart town, Tengah EC will provide new living and recreational opportunities. The town will also feature a car-free town centre, extensive communal facilities, and innovative technology. As such, Tengah EC will be the ideal complement to Jurong Innovation District.

The new development is located in the heart of Tengah town, and it features a 20-hectare Central Park, a community farm, and a future MRT station. Tengah EC is also expected to have a car-free town centre, which will be a huge benefit to tenants. In addition to this, the new development will feature parks, playgrounds, and other amenities.

This town centre is also located near three major expressways, including the Pan Island Expressway and the Kranji Expressway. The new town centre is within easy reach of the Central Business District, the Marina Bay area, and the Orchard Road. It is also close to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

The new development is also located near the city’s CBD and Jurong Innovation District. It is also just a 30-minute drive to the Jurong Lake District, Singapore’s second largest central business district outside of the city center. Moreover, the town centre is close to a nature reserve, which makes it an ideal place for families with children.

The new development also includes a forest corridor that is 100 metres wide and five kilometers long. This corridor will be an integral part of a larger greenery network and will be home to rainforest trees and hiking trails. Residents will be able to walk, cycle, and run to and from their homes.

The new town also offers a variety of green modes of transportation, including bicycles, scooters, and public transit. The new town centre will also feature communal space for community gardening. The town centre will also have cycle and walking paths on both sides of the road.

Close proximity to MRT stations is a plus for residents of Tengah EC. The neighbourhood is also close to numerous highways, including the Pan-Island Expressway and Brickland Road. It also has a bus interchange and multiple schools.

The community is also located near greeneries and nature reserves. Nearby is Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The development is the first EC in the area. The expansive plot of land will be transformed into a residential complex. Residents can easily commute to work or school at the nearby MRT station.

Residents can also access the Central Park via a 1.5km rainforest walk. Additionally, a 20-metre-wide forest fringe runs around the community. The area is also expected to feature several smart features and government initiatives. Residents of Tengah EC can also enjoy the proximity of the Jurong Lake Gardens, Jurong Innovation District, Little Guilin, and Tuas Port.

Residents of Tengah EC will have the convenience of being close to three MRT stations. As a bonus, this development is near a planned car-free town centre. The apartments in this development are designed to be fully furnished, and have balconies overlooking lush greenery. The development will be completed in 2021 and is a great investment opportunity.

The best part of EC living is its proximity to public transit. This means that the commute will be shorter and you will be able to spend more time with your family. It’s also a bonus that the EC is located near a renowned school. That way, parents can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their children are receiving a quality education.

Close proximity to MRT stations is another perk for Tengah EC residents. The development is close to the Bukit Batok MRT station and is a few minutes’ walk from Jurong East Shopping Centre. A hawker centre is also nearby. The area also has established schools. There is also a nearby playground for children.

Residents of the new Tengah EC can expect to enjoy the convenience of a car-lite town. There will be bicycle lanes and walkways that connect all of the residential towers, and residents will have the opportunity to conserve energy. There will be educational resources and competitions that will encourage residents to use alternative sources of energy and lower their carbon footprints.

The development is situated in a mature estate and is well-connected with several shopping malls. In addition to Le Quest, residents of Tengah EC will have easy access to the West Mall, IMM, and Jurong East. EC residents will be able to enjoy a plethora of lifestyle amenities that make this area desirable for families.

Residents of Tengah EC will enjoy the convenience of living in District 24. They will enjoy easy access to amenities, including public transportation, shopping, and dining. Residents will have easy access to healthcare facilities and are not too far from Jurong Lake.

Residents of Tengah EC will also benefit from a town masterplan that integrates active recreation and green features. The development will also feature a polyclinic, community clubs, and public transportation. Additionally, the area has bicycle lanes and an Automated Waste Collection System. Residents will also appreciate the convenience of a free parking lot and good public transport connectivity.

A new green living district near the CBD and several educational institutions, the Tengah Eco-centre will offer residents a green lifestyle with convenience. This project will reduce air pollution and create an environment where residents can live a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, residents will also enjoy convenient access to the city center.

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